PestTrappa® is a family of brands covering our range of innovative and effective pest control products. There are 5 brands that fall under the PestTrappa house of brands:

Smite® - consisting of Smite Professional®, a range of powerful biocidal disinfectants. Smite Organic®, a range of organic products aimed at the elimination of red mite, lice and other crawling insects. Smite Biocare™ - a range of advanced, high level disinfectants for veterinary and agricultural use. 

Scarper!®- a range of sprays to combat feather pecking, tail biting and cannibalism. The range consists of the original Scarper spray, which is a strong smelling, highly effective vice-buster. Scarper Clear also adds to the brand as a less evasive, clear spray perfect for use on show birds.

Redtop® - The original and best, tried and tested fly trap. A brand you can trust for all your fly catching needs. 

FlyTak® - A range fly catching products which physically knock down the fly population. Including sticky fly rolls, strips and paper. 

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