Within the UK, Interhatch supplies zoological establishments and research establishments as well as the commercial agriculture and bio-science industries, but over the years, a significant proportion of our turnover has come from EXPORTS to such areas as Australasia, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, as well as equipment for more far-flung places such as Antarctica.

Since 1999, one of our specialisms has been the supply of the wide range of commodities needed to establish and operate Wildlife Research and Propagation establishments, often based on our core interests and expertise in reproduction and conservation of various avian species.  We have worked closely with international research establishments in several countries and built up a considerable knowledge and understanding of their requirements and the challenges they face in search of optimum results. 

Interhatch’s product and customer knowledge has been built up over the years and we always seek to serve our clients in utmost confidentiality and trust. We especially appreciate, that in the demanding geographical and topographical environments in which our clients work, products need to be of excellent quality and durability as well as being fairly priced.


    • Seed and feed
    • Spare parts
    • Means of transport
    • Scientific equipment
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Eggs
    • Much, much more

Peakbridge Global Ltd is the ‘export arm’ of Interhatch and, as well as handling the logistical export to Interhatch’s clients, it also acts on a procurement and supply basis to clients for their wider requirements in establishing and maintaining their operations, using the same exacting standards.

We literally search the globe and research all types of sources to find the products to meet our clients’ needs in all types of areas, such as – seed and feed, spare parts, means of transport, scientific and laboratory equipment, livestock, eggs  and much more.

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