Huwa-San & Agrivite pH²0


We were approached to run a trial at Sutherland Farm, Bolsover to test delivering organic acids through clean water. The 2 organic acids trialed were Agrivite pH²0 - an organic acid used for reducing pH in drinking water and Huwa-San - a broad spectrum disinfectant consisting of Hydrogen Peroxide stabalised using ionic silver. 

Site Assessment/Planning 

Following an assessment of the site and water system, a Select 388 Double Head Doser had been fitted and Huwa-San had been used for shock dose and constant dose in the previous crop. Water tests had been carried out successfully throughout that crop and this gave us the assurance that we could use an Organic Acid in the second crop, because the water lines would be free from any bio-film build up that could react with the Acid. Stability tests were carried out with Huwa-San and Agrivite pH²O to make sure there was not an adverse reaction with either product. Both products passed the test which meant that we could constant dose both Huwa-San and Agrivite pH²O throughout the entire crop using the Twin-Head Select Doser. By taking a 1000ml water sample out of the lines at the end of the previous crop with 20ppm Huwa-San in, we were able to check the pH of the water using a pH meter. The pH of the water at George’s farm was confirmed to be 7.7pH. By manually adding Agrivite pH²O to the sample whilst checking the pH, we reduced the pH of the solution down to 4.6pH using the dilution ratio of 840ml per 1000L.

Huwa-San & Agrivite pH²0 Set-Up

Prior to the chicks being placed, the water system was shock dosed with Huwa-San to a concentration of 5,000ppm as Hydrogen Peroxide (H²O²) and confirmed at the end of each drinker line in each poultry house using the Huwa-San Peroxide Test Strips. The system was isolated and the solution left to reside for 24 hours. One side of the Select Doser was then set to achieve a continuous rate of Huwa-San at 20ppm as Hydrogen Peroxide (H²O²). The other side of the Select Doser was set to achieve a continuous rate of Agrivite pH²O at 840ml per 1000L. Prior to placement, each drinker line was then flushed through to ensure the concentrated dose of Huwa-San used for the shock dose had been pulled out of the line and the Huwa-San and Agrivite pH²O for constant dose had been pulled through to the end of each line. This was proved by confirming Huwa-San at the end of each drinker line at 20ppm as Hydrogen Peroxide (H²O²) using EndoSan Peroxide Test Strips.

Crop Data

Chicks were placed early February. All chicks were Ross 308 with a 35+ week Parent Stock.

The Results

  • No Antibiotic’s used throughout crop
  • Increase in water and feed consumption of around 10%
  • Increased Weight – Averaging 2.87kg at 40.1 days, which is an increase of 89g per bird over his 12- month
  • average at the same age. Taking into consideration Mortalities, this is an overall increase in weight of
  • 12,000kg for the crop.
  • FCR of 1.68 which was a record in 12 months with his 12-month average being 1.76 and his best being 1.73.
  • EPEF of 401 compared to a 12-month average of 372. A record EPEF for a crop with Mortalities over 5%
  • Litter held up well and maintained dry
  • Mortalities at 5.8% due to leg culls towards end of crop as a result of increased weight

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'The Huwa-San and Agrivite pH²0 combination has had a dramatic positive impact on feed conversion and litter

‘Best ever EPEF when we’ve had that amount of mortalities’


Key Benefits

Huwa-San keeps water lines clean, allowing the acid to be delivered effectively
Huwa-San and Agrivite pH²0 dosed together through a twin head pump
Improved FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio)
Dry litter