Agrivite's Biggest Fan

11 January 2018

One of our Agrivite customers tells us exactly why Agrivite products are his number one choice: 

I'm a huge fan of the agrivite products, I swear by them. I run a few of my own groups on Facebook and I'm admin to the "Hampshire poultry group" . I do try a lot of products to promote good health with our chooks as being admin we are always asked "what's the best thing for"? This and that,  so I do a bit of searching around to find what in fact does what it actually says on the tin "visibly".

I must say from Intervits, Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy and Poultry Drink which I use regularly, I'm amazed by the results. We have tried a lot of products over the years for various things and Poultry Drink by far is the best. When you run a flock of pretty Wyandottes, brahmas or Ayam Cemani that are all about appearance, when they look scruffy and featherless and struggling to go through their moult, selfishly it's not only the chickens that are affected when you have potential buyers wanting to invest in that flock. Perhaps buying chicks or growers, pullets or even hatching eggs, they need to be on top form to almost model themselves. While this is not top priority for us it does help massively when they are helped through a moult and barely affected by it and are able to promote feather re growth themselves with ease and speed. 

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