Protect Your Cattle From Laminitis

14 July 2017

What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a common, non-infectious condition that affects the hoof of cattle; the Laminae and Papillae to be exact. The Laminae and Papillae act as shock absorbers as the animal walks to absorb the impact with the ground. When the blood supply to these tissues is disrupted through damage to the blood vessels, laminitis can occur. This can be very painful for the cattle and result in lameness.

Diagnosing Laminitis

The following can be symptoms of Laminitis in cattle:

• Unwillingness to walk or stand
• Arched feet or feet pulled underneath the body
• Redness or swelling just above the hoof wall
• In serious cases you may notice a yellowish discolouration of the sole or sole ulcers when hoof trimming

Why Should I Care?

As well as the fact that your cattle are in pain - laminitis costs you money. A lame cow will be reluctant to stand which results a lower feed consumption and milk production. Costs are amplified with diagnosis and the possibility of culling.

Take Action – Prevention is Cheaper Than the Cure

Laminitis can be prevented through good hygiene management and the use of sufficient bedding material. Smite Biocare Agrisec 250 is a next generation bedding powder containing all natural ingredients such as Yucca, seaweed and essential oils. Extremely absorbent at 1.5 litres of water per 1 kg of product, Agrisec is an excellent choice to combat ammonia. The 250 Plus version also contains Halamid which is a DEFRA approved disinfectant. These products do not contain phosphates and are an excellent choice to encourage good hygiene management therefore reducing the risk of Laminitis.

Other useful products include centre feed roll as a simple hygiene management material. We supply 150m long, 2 ply roll in packs of 6.

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