Interhatch install an Echberg Combi-Washer for Egg Trays, Pallets and Dividers in the UK

11 October 2016

Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs,  have been producing and packing Free-Range and Organic Eggs for over 30 years!  The Family-Owned business is now one of the fastest growing producers of Free Range Eggs in the United Kingdom.

Interhatch are proud to be installing an automated Combi-Washer, manufactured by Echberg Manutech in Denmark into Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs new State-of-the-Art Egg Packing Center.  

The Combi-Washer will Clean, Sanitise, Rinse and Dry all parts of the plastic egg transport system (Plastic Egg Tray, Divider and Pallet), all in one machine, saving space, heating requirements, power consumption and giving better work-ability.