Deb Hair and Body Shower Gel 1L

  • Wash the workday away with Deb Estesol hair and body wash, a kind and cleansing, soap-free wash perfect for industrial showers.

    This mild yet thorough Deb body wash is created to wash away grime and dirt without knocking your skin’s pH balance off, so you can use it repeatedly with no worries.

    There isn’t even any silicon in the formula, so even those of you working with paints and other surface coating processes can use the Estesol body wash.


  • Product Ref: 200742

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  • Hair and body wash
  • Estesol hair and body wash is formulated using an effective yet kind blend of cleansing agents
  • Soap-free and mixed to ensure pH value does not affect the skin
  • Silicon-free, so can be used on production sites with paint and surface coating processes
  • ‘Rainforest’ fragrance creates a refreshing, light scent but doesn’t linger after use
  • Suitable for rubber production sites as does not affect vulcanisation process
  • This hair and body wash is certified by EU Ecolabel to ensure this product has met high environmental standards throughout its lifecycle
  • Designed to help you meet your sustainability targets