OmniCox Disinfectant, 200L

  • OmniCox™ is a powerful broad spectrum disinfectant with proven activity against excreted endoparasites, it is an effective aid in the prevention and management of Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidiosis. 


  • Product Ref: 910686

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A synergistic blend of gluteraldehyde and Coco
Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride. OmniCox does not contain any phenol.

Key points:
• Broad Spectrum Activity
• Proven Residual Activity
• Independently Tested
• Active In The Presence Of Organic Matter
• Suitable For All Animal Species
• Effective Against, Virus, Bacteria, Fungi And Mould
• Non Corrosive To Surfaces At Dilution
• Effective On All Kinds Of Surfaces
• DEFRA Approved

Dilution Rates and Cleaning Method

Apply product at low pressure or through a foaming lance. Dilute at 1:50 and leave for ideally 2 hours