Easy @

Product Ref: 672062

A unique dosing system developed for use on-farm so that the farmer is highly flexible in changing the concentration of substances in a short time. 

The system uses a spray pump dosing head which is sprayed in a fine mist over the feed for consistent distribution. 

Click HERE to download the Easy@ dosing app! 

  • Unique, patented system
  • Easy installation - the farm manager can easiliy make the installation
  • Easy dosing - the spray pump dosing head can be preset with the precise dose
  • Easy mixing - The liquid sprayed on the top is mixed immediately which results in homogenous distribution over the whole length of the feed chain
  • Easy to use - Plug in the ready to use reservoir along with spray head and the application can start immediately
  • Easy mechanism - converts horizontal conveyer motion into vertical movement in a maintenance friendly construction. 
  • Easy energy - Ecological and power saving by using the motion of the already running feed chain